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MoEa Gen1 All In Sneakers

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The MoEa Gen1 All In Sneakers are a sustainable, fashionable alternative to conventional sneakers. Made from 5 low carbon & cruelty-free innovative bio-materials, including grapes, ananas (pineapple), cactus, corn, and apples, these sneakers are highly resistant, breathable, and comfortable. Hand-crafted in Portugal with certified materials, the All-in sneakers provide the perfect eco-friendly mix of style and sustainability.

A blend of all our biomaterials: CactusSkin, CornSkin, AppleSkin, PineappleSkin and GrapeSkin.

Handcrafted in Portugal, Guimarães

Upper: 40% cactus skin, 32% organic cotton, 28% bioPU, made in Mexico

40% recycled rubber sole

The sole is strong and sewed to the upper

Lining: 75% bamboo & 25% polyester, OEKO TEX 10

Insoles: 75% recycled wood, 25% polyester foam and are removable

Laces: 100% organic cotton laces, certified GOTS 100

Labels: 100% recycled polyester

Vegan & water-based glues

100% recycled cardboard


This model has been audited and certified :

Peta Approved VEGAN

USDA bio-preferred

OEKO TEX standard 1

GOTS 100

Global recycled Standards

Low Carbon Product


It is fully recyclable into new soles.